The developer of two of the most known mobile games, Supercell, which brought us Clash of Clans and the most recent by-product Clash Royale, have decided to amaze us by announcing a new game release, Brawl Stars. The cartoony art style multilayer game is touchdown upcoming shooter game where players fight against other opponents in different level modes to collect crystals and wipe their opponents out.

The free-to-play game, Brawl Stars was disclosed earlier today through a livestream on YouTube, where we saw the developer team members playing Brawl Stars with a few of YouTube “Let’s play” celebs. The game was obviously made to be a multiplayer where the player chooses from a bunch of different characters, each character having its own special abilities and attacks and join their team players in matches.

If we were to label the game, I would say it comes to from the world of MOBAs, in which games like DOTA or League of Legends have been popularizing hero-based combat for years. The players can get upgrades after their matches and can get their own customized character skins.

Just like any other MOBAs games, Brawl Stars comes with four main gameplay modes. The first one is Bounty, where whoever collects the most crystals comes out as the team winner. The second is Smash&Grab, where the crystals are located in the middle of the map and the team needs to collect them. The first team to gather and hold onto 10 crystals wins the match.

Another interesting mode is Heist, where teams need to defend or attack a safe with precious loot and the last but not the least, the Showdown mode, where a team formed of 10 players fight on a map that gets smaller by the minute, the last character remaining alive winning the match.

So far, the game looks promising and full of action which will make you spend hours in front of it.

Moreover, the streamed video of the game pinpoint that the footage was just a pre-beta adaptation of the game, so modes, features and more artwork changes might happen before its full release. The soft launch will have a soft launch in Canada first before being released around the world, but the released date is yet to be disclosed.

We may not know much about the game yet, aside from what was shown at the tournament, but Supercell has an enviable position as one of the very few mobile developers not only for its games but also for the genuine name recognition as a company.

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