Who doesn’t know the most popular game from Electronic Arts (EA), “The Sims”? Losing hours for the perfect Sim, the perfect clothes, the perfect house and of course, the most amazing supplies. Sounds familiar? I know it does for me.

The last part of the game series, “The Sims 4”, was released in September 2014. Pretty far away, so the fans’ enthusiasm about a new release in the franchise, possibly known as “The Sims 5” is growing more and more.

The yet release date is not known, but the new versions of the game might not be released until 2019. By now, we have gotten accustomed to EA’s releases for “The Sims” series with an interval of four to five years between them.

The first game of the franchise has met the world in February 2000. The second game, “The Sims 2” was launched in September 2004, “The Sims 3” in June 2009, while the last version, “The Sims 4”, was released in September 2014. So taking in account their pattern for the launches, the highly awaited game might not see the light before 2019.

Even though the developer of the game hasn’t officially confirmed “The Sims 5” in their course, Electronic Arts have stated earlier that the launching of “The Sims 5” depends really well on the success of the current “The Sims 4”game, have reported those from Trusted Reviews. It is not good of a news to say that with all the negative ratings and reviews that “The Sims 4” has received, that EA will surprise us with a new game in the franchise.

But we have faith and pray that even so, the game will be released. After all, we do have high expectations when it comes to “The Sims 5”. The forthcoming game is said to be more exciting than its current version, with a virtual reality support that will make the simulation experience reach the maximum level. “The Sims” players and fans too want to see the game develop into an open world format.

Electronic Arts has not confirmed yet the continuation of the franchise, but we stick to being optimistic and wait patiently.

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