Although Rockstar Games has not confirmed yet about the production of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6, fans have never been so excited for its release date. Perhaps it should be because of the version to be released for popular gaming consoles, such as PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

The game’s developer might have been focusing on another game as of the moment, but the studio has been heard to have considered the possibility of having a sequel to GTA 5. Some sources even confirmed that the game’s development has already begun.

The expected setting for the next GTA installment was confirmed by Rockstar itself. This would be the addition of previous cities into the game. Thus, you might be able to travel back and forth, when revisiting places you have already explored.

This concept was even confirmed by Leslie Benzies, Rockstar North Executive. If you are exploring the game, you would be able to transfer from one location to another, as well as revisit your favorite city. However, Rockstar has yet to finalize the location in particular.

Of course, rumors should make the upcoming release date even more exciting. Therefore, you can’t deny the fact that people would want to have their voices heard. For this reason, fans would want to have a Female Protagonist for GTA 6.

Although the idea was criticized in GTA 5, the new storyline would reconsider focusing on such a character for the sequel. At the same time, fans are looking to have a version compatible with virtual reality. As a result, players would indeed become an essential part of the game.

You might have a hint on its release date if you could recall the timeline when each installment was released. GTA 6 should be among the most anticipated games from Rockstar.

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