Good news for those who use Chrome OS, Google comes with some improvements and updates for it. A new video, first seen at Engadget, shows us that Google has slowly been changing Chrome OS to make it work better and efficiently with touchscreens.

The video provided us with a redesigned desktop for Chrome OS that brings us to a sort of Android-like app drawer and search bar. The new aspects sit on top of the common taskbar, so if you are using a Chromebook computer with keyboard and trackpad things would not change. Instead, if you are a touchscreen user, you will be able to tap right into a Google search box or swipe up to gain access to a framework showing you all your apps. There will also be five “suggested apps” which will make its appearance in a dock, making them really quick to launch.

The redesigned desktop is already available on Chrome OS channel but the app is still in a pre-beta delivery that has quite some bugs due to its still-in-progress development. It does not mean you can’t use it or test it, but for those who use Chromebook as their main computer, it might be wiser to hold off and wait for awhile, while Google will improve both the code and its feature’s implementation.

This might be the biggest change design that Google has made in support for the touchscreens. In 2016, Google supplemented a “hybrid” mode that enlarged buttons out slightly more so that they would be easier to tap on, but it was made clear that it was supposed to be an OS that could be used along with a mouse.

Google’s hard work for the new desktop has shown us that the company is attentive in trying to change that, which seems logic, considering the quite recent arrival of Android app to the platform.

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