The video game developing company Rockstar has launched a new update for GTA only in July. This new mode is inspired by Battleground and it comes with a top notch car and some pretty expensive skins.

The new mode, associated and similar with Battlegrounds, the players are divided into two teams. Each team has to find a supply crate and take it to the capture point. Similar to Battlegrounds, the players fly into matches on helicopters and afterwards they scrounge the field for supplies. All players use night vision and thermal goggles because all maps are set at night.

What happens if you die? In Dawn Raid when players die they will get transferred back to the helicopter and they will have to jump out again. Players so far have appreciated the fact that each time you die and have to jump back again from the helicopter, you have the option to decide where exactly to jump. This could become a massive advantage for the player and her/his teammates because it gives the player the opportunity to sneak up on an enemy, very much similar to Battlegrounds.

4th of July updates

The new features prepared for the American National Day include new weapon skins. However, they come at a pricey amount. This might be tricky as you need several purchases before being able to get the new skins. First players need to upgrade their weapon with the new Mk.II version. In order to purchase this weapon, players need a mobile command bases and also a decommissioned military bunker. For players to buy a bunker, players need to be CEO, VIP or Biker Leader.

The Dewbauchee Vagner

The new car added into the mode costs 1.5 million $. The car’s design comes with an American flag.

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