For those fans of Mass Effect, the new update patch 1.09 for Andromeda comes with impressive features. Forget about the much controversial face animations from the past.

The game developed by BioWare and published by EA games is available for PC’s using Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The release date was March 2017 and the action role-playing video game tells the story of humanity trying to inhabit new worlds in the Andromeda Galaxy. Gamers assume the identity of Sara/Scott Ryder, a recruit who joins the initiative and explore the galaxy inside the ship called Tempest. Since its release, the game has received mixed reviews in terms of story, characters, navigation and exploration, combat and patches.

What are some of the updates for Mass Effect Andromeda Patch 1.09?

First of all, the co-op multiplayer mode has now available the Platinum difficulty and the bugs that cropped up during adventures have now been removed. Also the high dynamic range has been improved for PCs and Logitech keyboards no longer ruin the game’s lightning effects.

Other improvements worth mentioning are the addition of a confirmation prompt before Ryder’s appearance is changed on the Tempest. Fixes worth mentioning are: Photo mode which now supports Ansel’s depth-of-field controls; TAB (keyboard) and Start/Options (Controller) can no longer be used as shortcuts for when gamers wanted to close the pause menu.

Also, players do not have to worry anymore about getting stuck by NPCs in the APEX HQ and the issue with the save/load option which caused the final platform to disappear in Drack’s Loyality Mission has been fixed. The Fusion Mods will no longer display incorrect stats and a confirmation prompt has been added before changing Sara/Scott’s appearance on the ship (Tempest).

All in all, many issues have been taken care of and players are thrilled so far.

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