The first appearance for OnePlus Launcher has been updated on Google Play way too early than it was supposed to. The app was presumably to be launched on OTA to deliver updates, but anyone who wanted to check it out got some unpleasant surprises. First of all, the app was, at the moment of the update, in beta version with all the test slots full.

OnePlus is not the only company business to use Google Play Store to launch or deliver updates. Another manufacturer is Samsung, who has been moving apps over to the system, and judging by it, it was a smart move. It is actually less complicated for users to keep their apps up to date when they are all being brought in an identical way.

While the other apps updates were made through the more hard-working method of OTAs, OnePlus decided to provide from now on the updates and other frequent changes via the Google Play Store, notable observing that there might be some constant changes for OnePlus Launcher.

Since the last update, only minor bug fixes and improved performances were made for OnePlus, so we guess we will have to be more patient and see.

Second, of all, it appears that someone might have been too much in a hurry because the OnePlus Launcher was removed as quickly and stealthily as it came. The page will function no more. There is no say if the app was removed and taken down for more changes, but one fact is known for sure, no one can access the program anymore.

In the meantime, until the app will make its appearance once more on Google Play Store, here are some updates for the OnePlus Launcher:

  • Supports dynamic icons for Weather and Calendar
  • Added ‘Home screen layout’ under launcher settings for grid and icon customizations
  • Grid layout will be kept irrespective of display size changes
  • Added search history records in app drawer, displaying the 5 most recent apps on the first row
  • Newly installed apps will now be tagged with a blue dot for easier recognition
  • You can access icon pack resources on the Play store directly under launcher settings
  • User interface improvements during widget selection
  • Launcher version information is now visible under launcher settings

Other additions

  • Added an option to display battery status of connected bluetooth devices
  • Added OnePlus widget (Not usable on Shelf)
  • Email address recognition within the text message contents
  • Size of clock widget is now adjustable
  • Updated UI style for Clock


  • Smart Callback works even better now
  • Incoming call animations are more dazzling than ever
  • OnePlus font optimizations for select languages
  • Compatibility optimizations for various bluetooth devices

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