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Mozilla Private Browser Download Available for Android


Mozilla Firefox is one of the most widely used browsers in the world on both desktops and mobile devices. Although it never manages to surpass Google Chrome in terms of popularity, it’s still up there closely behind it, which is a considerable performance when you think about how Android devices generally come with Chrome already installed, so most users just resort to using it. However, Firefox has a clear advantage as far as mobile browsing goes, and it’s one that deserves more hype.

Have you ever heard about Firefox Focus? If you didn’t, it’s time that you did, because it’s an amazing app. Firefox Focus is Mozilla’s private browser app. It was first released for iOS devices almost a year ago, and until recently you could only get it in the Apple App Store. However, Mozilla is now branching out and releasing Firefox Focus for Android, so starting today it will be available for download in the Google Play Store.

But what’s so special about Firefox Focus? Well, it’s a private browser, which means browsing on it is far more secure. It has enhanced privacy protection for its users, which is something many people are after it today’s day and age when it has become far too easy for third parties to take hold of your personal information and farm data based on what pages you visit and what messages you send.

However, this also comes with a downside: Firefox Focus is extremely minimalistic. It can’t be customized, and it doesn’t even have tabs. But it does have the best privacy protection system we’ve ever seen on a browser, so you win some, you lose some. If you’re interested in keeping your browsing a bit more private, give Firefox Focus a try. You won’t regret it.