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Console Gaming vs. PC – An Endless Debate, Now in 2017

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The endless dispute between PC and consoles has been going on for ages. It started in the 80s and it still continues up to this day. There are plenty of advocates for both sides and just like in a boxing game, some days one is the winner and some days the other.

First of all, your budget is something that really needs to be taken into account. For example, PC gaming can be quite expensive. You need good specs for your computer in order to play the latest games on the market. You need plenty of RAM, a top-notch processor and the latest video card.

For PCs it is difficult to estimate just exactly how much money you need to invest simply because computer parts have fluctuating prices. However, you can find them on a variety of places both online and in retail stores. According to a search conducted by Reddit, building a gaming PC might cost up to 600-900 $.

But what about consoles prices? They usually maintain high prices for games and there are fewer sales compared to PC games. For those who love old games, there are quite a few selections for PCs. On the other hand, PS4 and Xbox One consoles do not have libraries which go way back. The number of old games you can play on them is very limited to compatibility. But, they do offer exclusive franchises. For example, you need an Xbox One if you are a Halo fan and a PS4 if you are a God of War fan. Exclusive games only found on consoles are: Halo 5, Horizon Zero Dawn, Sunset Overdrive.

What about technical difficulties?

It is easier to reinstall software and clear cache on a console rather than on your PC. Also, Sony and Microsoft can always repair your device