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Explore the World and Beyond with Google Earth Free Download


Not all people can travel to different places for several reasons, either due to financial constraints or lack of time to spare. But when Google Earth was introduced in 2001, anyone with internet connection and the software installed can virtually explore the world and beyond.

Yes, this geographic browser uses satellites to take aerial photos of the earth from outer space. It lets explore the seas, galaxies and see 3D images of past outer space explorations. Not only that, the images are in 3D and so clear that when you zoom in, it’s possible to spot even objects on a particular area. More importantly, it is a free geobrowser you can download on your desktop and mobile device. Whether you want to search for an address without leaving your desk or check out a location from the palm of your hand, Google Earth can make this happen.

Google Earth lets you explore geographical content as well as visualize your GPS tracks. Over the years, it has also undergone several updates, including one that was introduced in April, the Voyager tool. A project that took ten years to materialize, this tool includes 11 interactive stories about different regions. With this development, people can discover places not usually explored and just recently, a live stream broadcast of the wilderness in the state of Alaska was featured, using the Voyager tool.

Google Earth Possibilities

In the future, this navigation platform can be used to share videos and photos of ordinary people. When this happens, you can share your outdoor experiences and Google Earth will be able to track your posts and include them in the map for other users to see. This would be like creating your own stories by way of uploading images of the places you have visited and sharing it with the world.

Google Earth Free Download

Installing this free software on your desktop is easy. Simply go to this link: “” and click on the download button to take you to the download page. It is that easy.

For your Android device, you just have to launch Google Play Store, type in “Google Earth” from the search bar and choose the appropriate icon. Next, you just need to select “Install” and in a few minutes, you can start your exploration. If you have an iOS device, the process is the same with downloading any app from the App Store.

After installation, you can start your Google Earth navigation to discover places you never knew existed. This can also give an idea on where to travel to next.