Minecraft first appeared in 2011 and was created by Markus Persson, known by everybody as Notch, and was fully developed and published by Mojang. Minecraft is a sandbox video game that includes exploration, crafting, resource gathering and combat, also has a lot of gameplay modes. One of the most interesting and fun is survival mode where you have to gather resources to build the world and survive against enemies, the second one is a creative mode where you have unlimited resources and you can build everything you want and besides that, you can fly.

The third mode is the adventure mode where players play on random maps created by other players where you have objectives to reach and the last mode is spectator mode in which players fly and watch what other players do but you can not interact with them. Minecraft was used by the school and educational programs from the beginning as a way to learn about architecture, chemistry and was a way to develop the imagination of little children. And so the Minecraft Education Edition appeared.

Games for Change is in its 14th edition and both the awards and the festival itself seek to promote games that channel and advocate for social impact and change and has 4 major categories Best Game Play, Most Innovative,  Most Significant Impact and Best Learning Game. We’re not surprised by this.

There was no surprise that Minecraft was announced as a finalist in two major categories at this year’s Games for Change. The first category is Best Gameplay and the two opponents of Minecraft are Sea Hero Quest and Tracking Ida, at the second category Most Significant Impact the other two titles are Walden, A Game and Liyla and the Shadows of the War.

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