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Bitdefender 2018 Update Download Available with New Impressive Features


The new Bitdefender 2018 offers us incomparable cyber-security and provides abundances of features to keep your family safe and sound. An interesting feature would be that you don’t need to uninstall the last version and then install the new one, which is the first version to ever have its adaptation through product update.

  • Advanced Threat Defense

Bitdefender’s Advanced Threat Defense is a creative and inovative detection technology that operates advanced and futuristic ways to detect ransomware and other new threats and risks in real time.

Advanced Threat Defense also analyzes anomalies on the device and compares different mistrustful behaviors to considerably increase the detection with less impact on achievement than ever.

  • Webcam Protection

The Webcam Protection feature always supervises the applications that are attempting to gain access to your camera and remove those not marked as trusted. It influences the Bitdefender Whitelist to allow secure and trusted applications to access the device webcam.

  • Safe files

Ransomware is malignant software that looks to encrypt files and keep them for compensation. Users have to pay a fee to the hackers to recover access to files like videos, photos or other valuable documents. Safe Files offers protection against ransomware for the essential files on your computer. Users can rest assured as Safe Files permits only trusted applications to access files that are stored in your secure folders and files. Thus, the Desktop, Pictures and Videos, Documents folders are all secured and protected.

  • Firewall

Bitdefender Firewall comes with an additional layer of protection, by obstructing possible mistrustful applications that wish to connect to the Internet. Your personal data remains safe from data snoops and hackers. The new Firewall has been entirely and utterly redesigned to make better of the usability and to permit better management of applications rules.

  • Continuous updates

From now on, the newest versions of Bitdefender 2018 will be automatically installed, though product updates. With just a restart from the computer, the Bitdefender 2018 will be ready to perform.