There are plenty of web browsers available nowadays, some of the most popular being: Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Bing, Opera, and Safari etc. For those who believe that Chrome is the supreme browser, this article offers a comparison between it and Opera web browser.

Facts about Opera web browser:

Opera has been the most underrated web browser since its release. It appeared in 1995 and it has been running for 22 years. The web browser has introduced most features we consider a must nowadays and it has continued improving and innovating.

According to W3Schools, the Opera web browser has only reached 1.1% of internet use by April 2012. This shows that it is still pretty unknown by most users.

On the other hand, Google Chrome web browser has reached 75.7 % of all browser usage by April 2017. This implies that it is still the leading browser in terms of users’ popularity.

Reasons to use Opera:

  1. The Turbo feature

Opera web browser offers the Turbo mode. This built-in data compression system permits users to load faster web pages, while downloading less data. The feature is for unencrypted websites but it does help when you are not on Wi-Fi. The mobile version of the Turbo mode is very helpful when you have little data available.

  1. Ad-blockers

Opera has a built-in ad-blocker which allows users to enable ads on their favorite websites.

  1. VPN

The web browser also contains a built-in VPN, which is meant to keep personal info safe. For those who really care about privacy, this browser has free VPN built-in.

  1. Pop-out videos

If you do not enjoy those pop-out videos appearing while you search the web, opera has a feature which makes it easy to find those videos and shut them down.

Other great features are: Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp nested in the sidebar, it has chrome extension compatibility, it is battery friendly and it has built-in BitTorrent client and search.

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