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Is It Still Worth Downloading Google Earth Pro When the Features Are Shrinking?


Not long ago, you had to pay $400 in order to use Google Earth Pro. In 2015, Google announced that they are making their popular mapping program available for free. What a relief, right? Now you can have access to all those tools Pro users have been taking advantage of without being charged. Not so fast. In 2016, Google removed two features that were, frankly, pretty awesome. It still provides some tools that the free Google Earth can’t dos, but is it still worth all the trouble?


The Pro version of Google Earth had features that weren’t available on the standard Google Earth, and that included knowing about the demographics of a particular location. This feature was useful for business owners who can perform market research without going to the said location. All they had to do was perform a query about how many people from a specific age range live in, let’s say, Milwaukee. Doing this allowed them to determine whether or not they may have an audience should they open in that city.

You can even use the tool to know more about your country (US in particular). For instance, you can check Pro to see the voter turnout between different states in the US. You can even check on the population of many cities across America.

Sadly, Google decided to yank this feature, along with a few others, at the start of 2016.


If you’re planning to move to a particular place, it helps to check not just on the amenities but also the traffic conditions. This helps you decide whether or not the transfer would be worth it, or you can use the tool to determine when you are going to be late for work (if you really are decided on the move or have already moved).

Google Earth Pro allowed you to view historical traffic data so you can get a good understanding of the traffic conditions of a particular place. It may not have been a real-time update like those provided by Google Maps and Wazes but it sure was a helpful tool – not just for regular people but for businesses as well.

Google Earth Pro Features

Making a decision on whether or not Google Earth Pro is still worth it, minus some interesting features, it helps to look at what it is currently capable of. The current version allows you to do the following:

  • calculate the distance between two points
  • get area measurements
  • determine the height of towers or hills
  • export high-resolution images (up to 4,800 x 3,200)
  • import a data-filled spreadsheet for overlays
  • record 3D footage and export it in full HD

Those are just a few things that Google Earth Pro can do, but the highlight what you can expect from the product. If that doesn’t do anything for you, keep in mind that the standard Google Earth is also free. Although, you can always give it a go; after all, it wouldn’t cost you anything – just disk space.