Rockstar Games is seemingly hard working on the next installment in the Red Dead Redemption series hinting Grand Theft Auto 6 is not even close to be launched.

While the Grand Theft Auto’s excited players and fan base continue waiting patiently and in suspense for the next installment in the Rockstar Games hit action and adventure video game series, the creators and developers do not appear to respond to the player’s wishes yet.

Apparently, the anticipated game has been pushed past its established date compared to its last releases. Moreover, a report from ValueWalk implied that the sequel to Grand Theft Auto 5 is really unlikely to appear on the shelves of the stores anytime soon. The report also mentions that the tardy release of the awaited game is most likely because of the arrival of the same anticipated game, Red Dead Redemption 2.

The website points out towards a bunch of latest surfaced reports that denote the appearance of Grand Theft Auto 6 around the 2024 year, which would mean a seriously 11 year gap from the release of Grand Theft 5, that was released on September 17th, 2013.

In the meantime, Grand Theft Auto online keeps the cash flowing in the company’s accounts, thus permitting it to stray for a moment its entire focus on the following sequel to Red Dead Redemption.

Considering nothing is carved in stone yet, the report points out a continuous debate which focuses on whether GTA 6 will be launched for next generation machines or if the title will appear on current console niche.

While there are many rumors and guesses about the GTA 6, one of the interesting gossips is that the game will be VR (virtual reality) compatible for the very first time. Even though this might be a huge and interesting challenge for Rockstar Games, there might be a possibility that the PlayStation Pro could forward this concern.

Grand Theft Auto game series had up until now maybe, only male protagonists but Rockstar Games might resort of using as a protagonist a female instead, for the Grand Theft Auto 6 universe, which would be another first for the franchise. The developers and creators have thought up until now that including a female protagonist in the game series might not seem the smartest choice. Unfortunately, none of these speculations have been either denied or confirmed by the RockStar Games company.

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