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Google Earth Pro Update Download Available


Google Earth has come a long way since its modest beginnings when nobody really wanted to use it outside of school. The new and revamped Google Earth is equal parts entertaining and educational, which seems to be the perfect combination of traits for this kind of program. And now a new and updated of it is available. Say hello to Google Earth Pro, the program’s latest updated version. Let’s see what it brings new to the table.

What’s New

You may already know that Google Earth previously came in two variants: Google Earth Free and Google Earth Pro. However, Google Earth Pro has also been free ever since 2015, and this new update finally combined the two into one coherently unified program available to everyone around the globe. Now Google Earth can enjoy all the advanced tools of the Pro version in the regular program, such as:

  • Spreadsheet Important for map addresses
  • High-resolution image printing for reports and presentations
  • Measurement tools meant to compute distances and areas professionally
  • Collaboration with Windows Movie Maker for collateral media production
  • Importing large vector image files

All these new features are very business oriented, as you can see, but they will most likely be of great help to everyone that uses Google Earth. However, they are mostly catered to enthusiast and GIS professionals, and that’s ok. Here are a few other new things that came with this update as well:

  • Repair Tool for troubleshooting tasks (clearing data cache, resetting preferences etc.)
  • Ultra-high resolution is now supported in displays for crisper images
  • Latest security updates and encryption support made available with update through overhauled networking stack
  • Audio recording and video creation now supported on all platforms through multimedia backend
  • All of the above are supported through the new QT application framework