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Google Maps v9.58 Update Download Available With New Features


Google Maps is one of the most appreciated and widely used navigation apps in the world, and that’s a fact. The main appeal of Maps comes from the fact that it can be used by both drivers and pedestrians, it’s great for both routine travels and exciting leisure trips, and above all it give you information on absolutely anything, from restaurants and shops to buses and even some cool Easter eggs here and there. Google Maps is getting an update to v9.58, so let’s see what that will bring new to the table. Spoiler alert: there are two new main features being added in Google Maps v9.58. Let’s see what they are.

Crowdsourced Q&As

The first new feature to be introduced with Google Maps v9.58 is that of crowdsourced Q&As. So what are these more exactly? Well, it’s a section that will contain questions about various places and locations around the world, and these questions will be answered by people who’ve actually been to said places, live nearby or have some sort of expert knowledge on them.

Of course, this also opens up an entirely new world of trolls, which is something Google Maps never had to face before. Let’s just hope that people keep everything civil, because this new feature can actually help you a lot in many situations, and especially when traveling.

Video Contributions

Google Maps v9.58 will also allow you to contribute with video of places, not just photos of them. Videos are a great idea for this because they allow you to capture more in just one file and show multiple faces of one tourist attraction, shop, restaurant or whatever it is that you want to showcase on Maps. Google Maps v9.58 gives you more opportunities than ever, and that’s certainly pretty great.