If you own a smartphone, then you’re most likely accustomed with the Facebook Messenger app. Facebook Messenger used to be integrated within the main Facebook app, but Facebook did a really clever thing recently and made it mandatory for users to get a separate app if they wanted to keep communicating through Facebook on a private level. Even though a lot of people were more than upset about this, we’ve all ended up using Facebook Messenger sooner or later.

But Facebook Messenger is quite a draining app, so how does the Lite version compare? Is it actually more effective and thus worth using? Are you saving battery or data by using it? Let’s find out together.

Storage Space

As far as the storage space that both apps occupy, a notable difference can be observed. While the official Messenger app takes up a whopping 177MB of your storage space, the Lite version only takes up 17MB, so just ten percent of the original’s size. This will most likely be very helpful if you have a phone with a small storage space offering.


Storage space aside, the most attractive feature that Messenger Lite has to offer is low RAM usage. It runs normally in the background and shows real time notifications without going to the extent of providing chat bubbles or any other sort of hassle like that. Thus, while the normal Messenger uses up 204MB of RAM when used normally and 150 when it’s running the background, the Lite version only uses up 93MB normally and 60MB in the background.

RAM is where the difference is notable. If you have a mid-range device with 1GB of RAM or even lower, it might be beneficial to get Messenger Lite on it. So try it out and let us know what you think.

Applications Facebook Messenger vs. Messenger Lite – Storage Space and RAM Usage