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Google Earth 64-bit Support Update Download Available for iOS


Although Apple has had access to in the past, the new and revamped version of the app wasn’t available on iOS just yet. But all that has changed today, because the very same improved Google Earth app that was available on Android devices since April now came to iOS as well. So if you have either an iPhone or an iPad, you can enjoy all the new features that Google Earth has to offer. The new updated version for iOS comes with all the tried and tested features of Google Earth, such as 360-degree videos and Street View images plus information cards for some of the most popular places on Earth.

But it also comes with a brand new improvement that seems to be specifically aimed at iOS 11. So, as of now, the Google Earth is available in 64-bit as well, so that it will be able to run on iOS 11 once that launches this fall. If you’re up to date with tech news, then you already know that Apple plan to phase out 32-bit eventually, and the company started to do this by announcing that iOS 11 will be 64-bit only.

Thus, it’s good to know that the new Google Earth is here to stay, and will be able to run on future version of iOS as well as on current ones. The rest of the new features that have been added are those that have been on Android since April. Why did Google Earth come to iOS so late? Well, this is customary for Google releases for Apple products: they always show up way later than on Android, which goes to show that even if Google agreed to supply Apple with apps once again, they still want to prove something.