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WhatsApp Download Available on the Nokia 215


WhatsApp is hands down the most popular instant messaging app in the world, alongside its stern competitors of course. However, WhatsApp is quickly growing and evolving, which means that more and more people are using it with each passing day. Naturally, this raises a lot of questions about WhatsApp’s compatibility with various phones. This also came after a hefty number of smartphones got permanently cut off from WhatsApp support.

If you understand technology and its progress, then you already know why WhatsApp chose to cut off old phones such as BlackBerries and aging Nokias from its list of supported device. But in case you’re not seeing it, let us break it down for you: WhatsApp is evolving to be such a big service that it can’t afford to invest any extra time or resources in supporting devices that are old and/or only a few people still own nowadays.

Say Goodbye to Nokia 215

Of course, if you own one of these devices, this news will most likely be unfortunate for you. But maybe this also means that it’s time to upgrade. You don’t even need a state of the art brand new device. There are a lot of older mid-range phones that still can run WhatsApp. But the Nokia 215 isn’t one of them. While Java phones can still run it, the Nokia 215 simply cannot. It’s old, it’s slow and its hardware is simply 2000 and late.

It’s time that we accept this general rule: old devices simply cannot run newer versions of programs, so developers have to cut them off. This is what WhatsApp and many other apps are doing. After all, if you’re a player in the tech industry, staying strong is an important asset. And WhatsApp seems to have finally understood that.