The multinational Japanese company Nintendo managed to make such an amazing and popular product that the NES Classic Mini is sold out around the world. This performance was achieved since NES Classic Mini’s release last November until now. The entertainment system is so popular that on eBay fans would even pay four times the price.

The console has been discontinued since April 2017 and in May it was already impossible to find it in British stores. Within minutes the product was sold out of every retail store in the U.K.

Get a NES Classic Mini today

Fans can manage to get a NES Classic Mini today but they have to know there is one catch. They will receive the Japanese version of the console. In Asia the Famicom mini is sold for a price of 85.23 £. There are differences between the two consoles, however for fans who did not manage to buy one, this is a good match.

NES Classic Mini vs. Famicon Mini

The Japanese version comes in a mix of red and white, it is shorter than the NES Classic Mini and it has a slopping section at the front of the console as well. It also comes with a hard-wired console, just like the original.

The NES Classic Mini is heavier, square looking and uses its signature color scheme: grey, red and black. Based on the Nintendo system, the console has a different design than the Famicon. Its consoles are wired but they can be detached.

Games are also different depending on the console. The Famicon has exclusive games such as Mario Open Golf, Final Fantasy II, Solomon’s Key and River City Ransom, while the NES Classic Mini has games such as Bubble Bobble, Punch-Out!, Star Tropics, Tecmo Bowl, Donkey Kong Jr, Castlevania II.

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