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Angry Birds 2 Version 2.15.1 Update Download Available for Android Devices


Angry Birds 2 is a puzzle video game that has been released back in 2015. The game was developed by Rovio Entertainment and it is the 12th game in the Angry Birds series.

The Angry Birds 2 comes with new a bird named Silver. You will also notice that the spells have been replaced with power-ups and the gameplay is in multi-stage levels. We have to mention that the game was firstly soft-launched in Canada in March 2015 on iOS and Android, but a few months later, in July 2015, it was also launched worldwide on the mentioned operating systems.

Likewise Angry Birds, players will need to use a slingshot to launch birds at nearby structures. However, in Angry Birds 2, you have the ability to select the birds you want from a deck. This way, you have ability to create your own strategy on any specific level. The main enemies in this game are green-colored pigs, but they will now vary in size and abilities.

When it comes to levels, we have to mention that they include multiple waves of pigs, which progress via separate structures. There are some levels where a boss will appear, which you will need to kill by lowering its health bar.

The latest version of Angry Birds 2 for Android OS is 2.15.1 and it was just released. The installation file has a size of 30.13MB and it doesn’t come with any new features, levels or options. However, we suggest you to install it on your Android device as soon as possible, as it brings stability improvements and it fixes some bugs and issues that the developers have found in the previous version of the game.

HINT: The new version of the Angry Birds 2 for Android OS can already be downloaded and installed directly from the Google Play Store.