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Facebook Alpha Update Download Available for Android


Facebook is one of the most popular social networks out there. Today we will talk about the latest Alpha version of the Facebook application that has been released for Android devices. First of all, we need to mention that the latest Facebook Alpha version is and it can be installed on mobile devices that run on Android 5.1+.

The new version of the application doesn’t come with any new features or options, but it fixes some of the bugs and issues that the developers have found in the previous version of the application.

Facebook: Features

  • Ability to connect with your friends and family on this popular social network;
  • Ability to get notified when your friends like or comments on your posts;
  • Ability to share photos, videos and your favorite memories;
  • Ability to find local social events and let your friends know you’re attending them;
  • Ability to play games with any of your Facebook friends;
  • Ability to backup photos by saving them in albums;
  • Ability to buy and sell items and services;
  • Ability to see reviews, operation hours and pictures of local businesses;
  • Ability to start a live video and share it with your friends.

The developers are continuously working on the Facebook social network and they are frequently adding new features and options. The Facebook application is available for many mobile operating systems and it is working quite smooth on any device.

However, if you want to make a live Facebook video, we suggest you to connect your mobile handset to a Wi-Fi network. This way, you will make sure that the live video plays smooth without any interruptions.

Are you using Facebook application on your mobile handset? What other new features or options would you like to see being added on this application?