If you’re an avid or even occasional gamer, and even if you’re not actually, you probably are familiar with the Grand Theft Auto game series. Not only is this the most popular game series of all time, but the current installment, Grand Theft Auto 5 sold 70 million units in as of September 2016, and it had originally launched just three years before in 2013. If that’s not impressive, then I don’t know what is.

This is why it’s perfectly understandable why people are expecting Grand Theft Auto 6 to launch sometime in the near future, so they’re looking for clue anywhere and starting rumors and whatnot. You might remember last month’s Grand Theft Auto 6 rumors included the fact that an actor’s resume confirmed the fact that the game was in production. The actor is question is called Tim Neff, and his online resume showed he had a part in Grand Theft Auto 6, which was currently being produced.

Needless to say, this new glimmer of hope that Grand Theft Auto 6 might see light of day set the Internet on fire and forgot to turn the hose on. Unfortunately, we have some sad news for you. This rumor is inaccurate, because it turns out Tim Neff’s resume is fake. Yep, the entire thing is a hoax. Don’t get us wrong, we still think Grand Theft Auto 6 is going to come out sometime in the future, but we don’t think this is confirmation of it.

Unfortunately, this is an ever present risk in the case of rumors. One day you find out something new and think Grand Theft Auto 6 will come out sooner than you originally thought, and then the next day someone does a bit more digging and discovers everything you thought you know was a lie. This these happen, it’s normal.

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