Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world, and much of this fame stems from the fact that it caters to a wide variety of age and interest groups. This is an amazing performance that not many games can boast with achieving, so good job, Minecraft! However, the game did have one big flaw that impeded its huge worldwide community from ever fully unifying: it couldn’t be played across different platforms.

Like most games, Minecraft exists in several different versions: one for PC, one of Android and a few for consoles. And if you play it on a different platform than your friends let’s say, you will never be able to access multiplayer mode together as a group. Or at least, you weren’t able until today. But now, the Minecraft Better Together update is finally coming in its beta version, which means it will also be launched for the general public sometime in the near future.

The Minecraft Better Together update consists of a code unification across all the platforms on which Minecraft exists. This will allow players to play together across platforms. So if you play Minecraft on PC and your friend plays it on their Xbox, you will soon be able to join forces and have some fun together. The Minecraft Better Together update came from a very bold and innovative initiative put forth by Microsoft, the game’s current owner and publisher.

However, there is one particular platform whose creators refused to participate in the Minecraft Better Together update. We’re talking about Sony’s PlayStation. Sony was offered the chance to be an integral part of the Minecraft Better Together update, but apparently refused the offer. We don’t know why, but we’re guessing they’re salty over Microsoft’s success or something.

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