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Google Earth Pro Is Now the Default Download

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If you decide to install Google Earth today, you will be interacting with the Pro version. Yes, the recent bump in version to 7.3.0 merged both the Free and Pro editions of Google Earth into one product called Earth Pro.

The Pro version of Google Earth has been offered for free for quite some time now, following the stripping of several functions that made it different from the product offered for free. Users on the free version will automatically be updated to Pro when they download the installer from

Product emerges often means changes. So what are the changes with Earth Pro 7.3.0?

System support

At the very least, you need Window 7 to run Earth Pro on a Windows system. On the other hand, Mac users need to have at least Mac OS 10.8.

While you had the option to switch between DirectX or OpenGL when running Google Earth on Windows, now the application defaults to OpenGL mode.

The Mac version is also now a 64-bit application.


Earth Pro for Mac now has an anti-aliasing option. General changes across platforms include the following:

  • support for high-resolution (high DPI, retina) displays
  • enhanced image saving, printing, and movie making performance
  • much improved internal web browser and better security
  • HTML5 videos like YouTube embeds work in placemark balloons


  • a new Repair Tool for resetting cache data and settings as well as fixing startup issues
  • an updated Movie Maker tool with support for new video formats
  • a Web Inspector tool for KML balloons

Fixed issues

The Google Earth team also fixed a couple of issues with the application and included them in this release. Here are a few problems that were fixed:

  • missing terrain imagery tiles
  • crashing related to the loading of large KML data files
  • incorrect saving of tours with recorded audio
  • non-loading of images embedded in KML
  • non-working tour audio recording and playback

Known issues

Not every piece of software is perfect, even it is from a global tech giant. Here are some of the known issues with Earth Pro that will hopefully be remedied with the next release:

  • no support for SSL client certificates
  • pixelated toolbar buttons and UI icons in high-DPI mode
  • no high-DPI support until pixel scale is 200% or higher (Windows only)
  • non-working “Share with Google+” feature

Explore and discover with Earth Pro

Earth Pro combines the functionalities of the free and Pro editions of Google Earth. This means that in addition to exploring the world, you can now take advantage of measurement tools, higher-resolution printing, movie creations, and advanced data import, among others.

The desktop version of Google Earth isn’t the only one to get an update; the iOS app has finally received long overdue changes. Should you want to download the application for your computer or mobile device, here are the basic requirements. After installing the product, enjoy what it has to offer from touring the world from the comfort of your bedroom to learning about the natural world to making videos to help your community better understand the environment.