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Gmail Update Download: More On Viewing Movies And Larger Attachments


A recent report has brought good news for Gmail users, which allows watching movies a lot easier than before. Thus, users will be able to do more than just type messages, as they can have more control over how they are going to watch videos.

The said update would allow videos being sent as attachments to be automatically played directly from your browser window. This means that there is no need to download any video attachments into your device before you are going to play. Thus, it would considerably save you precious time and space on your hard disk.

According to Google, it is going to use the same infrastructure utilized by YouTube and other apps for streaming. This would ensure that videos are of high quality and delivered swiftly. This has been rolled out for Gmail users to use, which you can see in the updated version of the Gmail app soon.

This was only second to the major piece of advancement for Gmail, after announcing the upgrade of the attachment function. It can be recalled that this feature would allow various users to get messages having attachments of up to 50MB.

The said update would also enable the management of more files, photos, and other downloads more than you can get on your usual package. Nevertheless, the attachments might only be limited to just 25MB as of the moment.

On the other hand, if you really need a huge amount of space to cater to the amount of data you are using in order to send larger files or attachments, simply use Google Drive instead. This would be a lot better because you can store up to 5TB of data in it.

The only limit will be for Gmail presentations, documents, and spreadsheets, which has been capped at 50MB with transitions of up to 100MB only.