The famous Japanese company announced that a new Lycanroc will be added to the soon to be released Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon.

The trailer brings more information to the table

The “Dusk Form” canine Pokémon will be a mix between Midday and Midnight forms. The Pokémon is obedient and stands on four-legs. Similar to the Midday Form it will carry four rocks around its neck. The “Dusk Form” Lycanroc also has something in common with the Midnight Form: its eyes turn red when attacked.

The “Dusk Form” Lycanroc   

The new Pokémon has also some new abilities different from the Midday and Midnight Form. It has Tough Claws, which increases its power of movement. Players will have to work harder if they want to get their hands on the Lycanroc. It is not your regular Pokémon which can get caught during a regular game. To get your hands on one you need to get a special Rockruff as a pre-order bonus. The special Rockruff from the Nintendo Network will be available between the 17th of November and the 10th of January 2018. More details are to be released soon. Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon can already be pre-ordered for Nintendo 3DS.


With a wolf-like appearance, this is a rock-type Pokémon from the VII the Generation. This Pokémon comes in three forms, however for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon it will come in Dusk Form. It usually has orange fur and green eyes. Its eyes turn red when Dusk Type Lycanrocs attacks other Pokémon monsters. The secret weapon of this Pokémon is accelerock. This rock-type move is specific to the VIIth generation and it has a +1 priority. However, the Lycanroc is the only Rock-type Pokémon unable to lean the Sandstorm attack.

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