The PC version of Sonic Mania release has been postponed less than a week before its release. This is not the case for the Sonic Mania versions for Switch, Xbox One, PS4. These versions will still be released on Tuesday the 15th of August.

Sega released the news today

The multinational company Sega has shared the news through live streaming today. According to the Japanese company the computer version still need some more optimization. Therefore, the PC version will be available in two more weeks, meaning the 29th of August.

Sonic also confirms

According to Aaron Webber, Sonic”s community manager has confirmed the news and said that the team in charge of the PC version is working very hard to make sure everything is perfect. He said that the company will not release a game until all their standards are met. Their wish is to maintain the quality level.

Steam to hand out free copies of Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog game will be given for free by Steam to all those who pre-order Mania by the 15th of August or to those who purchase the Collector’s Edition. Those who purchase the Collecto’s Edition will receive the PC version on the 15th of August but the Mania will unlock on the 29th of August.

Another announcement was also made during the stream

The creative director of the Sonic Team joined to unbox the Collector’s edition and revealed that some team members signed the flap on 26 CE boxes. These boxes will be sold randomly in North America; therefore everyone has a chance of receiving this extra special gift. The game Sonic Maia is one of the two new Sonic games to be released this year. The other game is Sonic Forces 3D which will probably be released in the second half of 2017.

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