Once again, ‘tis the season to launch another iPhone! Although no formal announcement has been made yet by Apple’s representatives nor its CEO Tim Cook, historically new iPhones are usually introduced to the market by the 3rd quarter of the year. This year the tech giant is expected to launch the iPhone 8 but rumors have already been kicking in that they have started production of the much anticipated iPhone 9 just in time for its release next year.

New partnerships for the iPhone 9

News of the iPhone 9 started kicking in when reports from the Korean Economic Daily released this year said that LG Chem was commissioned by Apple to exclusively supply the batteries of the iPhone 9. This move is very unlikely of Apple who is known to source out each and every component of their iPhones to various suppliers. It is perhaps how LG Chem makes its batteries that convinced Apple to get them. It is rumored that produces batteries that are L-shaped to optimize internal space, which has become a challenge for Apple to fit internal parts in its new iPhone models. A source who is familiar with this deal said that LG Chem is now heavily investing millions to revamp its production line starting early 2017 to keep up with the expected demand of the iPhone 9.

Another report from “The Investor” says that Apple also has tapped its rival – Samsung to produce 7-nanometer chips solely for the iPhone 9. Most of us know Samsung as one of Apple’s competitors in the smartphone market. Little do we know that Samsung also produces components of phones such as – batteries, processors, storage, microchips, and screens.  Samsung’s 7-nanometer chips would help the iPhone 9 process a lot of information at a faster speed using less power. It could also fit in a much smaller space to make room for bigger batteries to extend its battery life. As tech insider say the iPhone 9 could be the best phone Samsung ever has!

Possible iPhone 9 specs

With all the rumors of Apple’s partnerships with their rivals in order to create the best phone, consumers are expecting nothing more than the best iPhone that they have seen in years. This does not only cover its design but also its functionality. Wireless charging will appear for the first time!

Imagine a phone that charges wirelessly at a distance of 15 feet! As to how Apple will execute this technology is still a question but they have been said to have cracked the code years before. Another feature of the iPhone 9 is the use of OLED screens. For years, Apple has been using LCD displays in its phones and a shift to OLED would give brighter screen contrasts, longer battery life, and it is more feasible to do curved and foldable screens using OLED.

Anticipation has been building up for the iPhone 9 even with the rumors of its release next year. The iPhone still remains a top choice for consumers even after 10 years from its release in the market.

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