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Clash of Clans 9.105.10 Update Download Available for Android


Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile strategy games in the world, and Supercell, its developer, knows that very well. Thus the company is always quick to add new things to the game or fix recurring issues so as to keep their players happy with the game. After the massive Builder Base update which added a brand new battle mode, as well as a new village, the game changed quite a lot.

In fact, Clash of Clans changed so much after this update that some players dubbed it as now being more like Clash of Clans 2. When a game starts feeling likes its sequel, that’s when you know that an update brought along such a major overhaul to its entire gameplay and dynamic. But Supercell didn’t stop there. The new update was so massive, so it needed some follow up balancing updates. Now the newest one is for Clash of Clans version 9.105.10.

Supercell just put out Clash of Clans version 9.105.10, but does this update change anything? Well, unfortunately no, but that doesn’t mean it’s a useless update by any means. Clash of Clans version 9.105.10 is another balancing update following the massive overhaul brought along by the Builder Base update that came along at the end of May. It fixes a few performance issues, eliminates some bugs and strengthens security within the game, so if you want to grab it, we strongly support it.

In order to get Clash of Clans version 9.105.10 on your Android device, you need to find a trusted APK download link for it. Specialized blogs generally have these links on hand, so it won’t be hard to find. After that, make sure that you allow your device to install data from Unknown Sources. And then proceed with the installation until Clash of Clans version 9.105.10 is on your Android device.