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Google Play Services 11.0.X APK Update Download Available


Once again, Android users are served an updated version of the Google Play Services app, which does a lot of work behind the curtains for Google’s operating system. Even though it’s not the app in the spotlight that everyone knows and thinks about, it’s definitely a very important one.

Without the Google Play Services updates, it would become pretty hard to have a great experience on Google’s platform. You have this app to thank for not encountering a sluggish and unresponsive, or otherwise lacking platform.

What’s new this time?

Unlike other important apps, Google Play Services doesn’t usually get flashy features that serve as eye candy. These are more utility focused updates which get rid of problems and improve performance. This latest update contains bug fixes and improvements in several areas of the service.

These are Performance Monitoring but also Firebase Cloud Messaging. There are also some minor changes here and there that sum up to improve the performance of your Android operating system.

Why update?

You might be wondering why it’s so important to update these sorts of apps. They don’t seem to hold anything of great value, but is that really the case? The answer is no, as appearances deceive in this specific situation. These updates are very important because they preserve the well functioning of the operating system as a whole and if you don’t update to the latest versions, it won’t be long before you start noticing that it’s getting sluggish to use and not at all satisfying like when you first took the phone out of the box.

How to update?

The easiest way to update would be to get the APK file for the latest version. This is a lot easier than having to go through the whole process of figuring out what version is adequate for you, as that implies a lot of math. You can easily search for a version table which displays what APK goes with what version of Android.

This will make things a lot smoother for you. Once you download the APK file, simply copy it over onto your phone and install it. Make sure to enable the option on your phone that allows external sources for app installations. This will let you install apps and APKs that come from somewhere else than the Google Play Store.