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Download For WhatsApp In Nokia Symbian S60 Devices No Longer Works


WhatsApp is concluding its support for Nokia Symbian S60 and other dated devices. But, WhatsApp has issued an update about reconsidering the end dates for the Nokia S40 and the BlackBerry.

It was stated in a blog that both the BlackBerry and BlackBerry 10 devices will still be supported until the end of 2017 while the Nokia S40 will still enjoy the support until the end of 2018. It can be recalled that it was also partially revealed that Nokia Symbian S60 would still receive support until the end of June 2017.

Despite the fact that users are able use WhatsApp until the dates mentioned here, some features of the said app might already stop working before the said date. It can be said that WhatsApp might no longer be developing such platforms, so the latest features might not come to you.

If in case you have upgraded your hardware by purchasing a new phone, then you would be able to take advantage of new features. In fact, more filters have been added to WhatsApp when taking pictures from your mobile device. Such would include Chrome, Film, B&W, Cool, and Pop.

Moreover, WhatsApp is working into a new payment option for money transfers via peer-to-peer. This will be a government-backed feature using the Unified Payments Interface. In fact, this has been featured in the latest beta version of WhatsApp.

Therefore, if you want to continue using the service with WhatsApp, perhaps it is time to upgrade to a newer Nokia device. Otherwise, you would never be able to take advantage of the latest features being released by WhatsApp for all its loyal users.

You might be able to get a downloadable version of WhatsApp from an unknown source, but still the app will no longer be supported. This means that you can’t open the app or use any of its features after June 30, 2017.