Among the popular apps for your iPhone these days, WhatsApp has reached the 1 billion mark. Just like any messaging app, WhatsApp allows you to share text messages, send or receive photos, voice messages, and videos. You can also place voice calls among other features.

However, WhatsApp is only available for iPhones. Thus, you can’t use it on your iPod touch or iPad to take advantage of its messaging functions. You need to follow these steps on how to use the app on your iPad.

  • Verification – you need to ensure that the installed app on your smartphone has been verified.
  • Open Safari – open the native Web browser on your iPad.
  • – you have to type this on the search bar on the Safari browser.
  • Desktop version – switch your app into a desktop version. If you are using iOS 9, hold the refresh button until you have reached the Request Desktop Site, which appear and tap on it. If you do this, you will refresh the page and redirect to where you can find the QR code.
  • Scan the QR code – you need to open WhatsApp on your device and go to WhatsApp Web. Scan the QR code you can find on your iPad screen.

After scanning the QR code, you can now see the app messages from your iPad.

Take note that you will be unable to receive notifications as you would on a WhatsApp Web installed on your computer. Nevertheless, you can access the amazing features and become part of the massive daily users.

Some of the new features of WhatsApp Web are still in the beta version, which include the following:

Two-Step Verification – a 6-digit verification code to secure sending messages and calls. This means that nobody can use your account.

Making and Receiving Calls – you can do this if you use an Android emulator. However, you can’t use WhatsApp Web installed on your computer just yet.

Applications WhatsApp Web Update to Enable Installation on Your iPad Or iPod Touch