It can be recalled that Nokia 215 was one of the devices no longer supported by WhatsApp. In one of our articles here, outdated devices such as BlackBerries and old Nokias are in the list of smartphones cut off from the service.

WhatsApp has evolved to become one of the best messaging apps around the world. This has led the management to stop spending time to support outdated devices that only a few people are using these days. Thus, Nokia 215 users were encouraged to upgrade to a newer device.

It might not be a requirement to get a brand new device just to download and install WhatsApp. However, if you are using a Nokia 215, you might be one of the few who won’t be able to take advantage of WhatsApp features. Even other apps are also applying the general rule in which older devices simply can’t be compatible to newer programs.

Basically, the 215 was designed by Nokia as a budget-friendly device. Moreover, it is not able to access the Play Store or the Nokia Store, aside from having a skimpy RAM. Thus, Nokia was not looking forward to make the device to function for basic smartphone users.

You should be aware that the Nokia 215 was designed not to make waves in the industry but was only made as a budget smartphone for countries having spotty network connections. In other words, the Nokia 215 is not prepped as a powerful device to be running the basic smartphone apps.

Anyway, the Nokia 215 is still able to send messages or make calls via its network connection and not apps that require you to be connected online to function. Just don’t try to make the device function the way advanced smartphones should be to avoid frustration or disappointment.

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