Many developments have been made to the popular instant messaging app called Viber. In a recent update, Viber has now allowed keeping your chat history that may have accumulated in time, as you have used to exchange messages and stickers with family and friends.

Latest Viber Update

This update was made by the company in order to add more functionality through its client-side update on Android. It was released on the Play Store, which should also be available for download all over the world.

So, before you should replace your old SIM card, you need to create a chat history backup in your Viber account. This feature enables you to save data on the Google Drive, as you migrate your contacts, accounts you are following, stickers, and conversations you have made. The said feature would work if you are switching your contact number without changing your smartphone.

According to Viber, you need to follow the same procedure on the old phone before you can transfer your SIM to a new device, should you upgrade your smartphone. Thus, you need to access Google Drive as your backup option before entering the new number on your latest device.

Viber Overhauls Chat Extensions

In the recent overhaul to the Chat Extensions feature, users are given access to different sources of 3rd-party content from the chat window. One of the features that were highlighted by Viber was the addition of the extension for YouTube.

Since YouTube videos were among the most famous form of link-sharing among users, the video platform from Google can now be accessible via the chat screen. Thus, users are given the opportunity to share, play, and search YouTube videos without having to leave conversations. The Chat Extensions of Viber would be rolled out gradually, which means that it will eventually be available around the world.

Applications Latest Viber Update Focuses More On Functionality