Nokia used to dominate the cellular phone industry, but not so many phones of its brand are still popular these days. This led to the question if the Nokia C5 can still download and install WhatsApp just like its competitors in the industry.

Quite frankly, the Nokia C5 is an old device with aging hardware. However, if you can’t say goodbye to this dated unit yet, there is still a bit of a kick left in its mechanism. In fact, you can still download and update the app via the Play Store or from the official app website itself within the Symbian or Nokia category.

It can be recalled that several Nokia devices have concluded support for WhatsApp after December 2016. In fact, 5 smartphones have stopped supporting WhatsApp since January 2017 onwards. Among the smartphones mentioned are the Nokia E6, 5233, C5 03, Asha 306, and E52.

Nevertheless, a lot of Nokia smartphones are still getting support from WhatsApp. This means that those that use Symbian operating system such as the Nokia C5 are still able to download and install the app. This can be done via the Nokia Store or from the Nokia category of the official WhatsApp website.

You might still be able to continue using your Nokia C5 as of the moment, as those Nokia smartphones still running Symbian OS are supported by WhatsApp until now. However, several changes might take effect by 2018, as it would permanently discontinue its support for the app on your Nokia C5.

Just make sure to update your version of WhatsApp to take advantage of the new features and security essentials to keep your data safe and secured. You can set your app to update automatically or you can visit the app website from time to time.

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