Google Play Store is the official app store for Android devices and it is an efficient service that can provide you with numerous apps. However, despite belonging to a huge company that has many programmers and resources, Google Play Store still has its issues. Sometimes the app store crashes or there are download problems. Some errors can be a little tougher to diagnose, but today we will offer you all the available solutions. The next time you run into an error you will know exactly what to do.

Make sure Google Play Store is up to date

Keeping a program updated is the number 1 rule for performance. In order to avoid errors make sure that you have the latest Play Store installed. Sometimes, even if a Google Play Store update is available, it will not automatically download immediately after the release. You want to make sure you install the latest version as soon as it comes out. Enable Auto-update apps.

The newest version will always be more stable and more efficient. In order to see if you are up-to-date, you can go to Settings and under General you will see the Play Store updates.

Clear the cache

The cache temporarily keeps data than may be retrieved soon. With cache, reloading the data is not necessary. But sometimes the cache can lead to Google Play Store errors. Here is how you can clear it:

  • go to Settings
  • go to Apps / Application manager
  • scroll down
  • tap Clear cache

Check date & time settings

This is necessary because Google checks the date and time of your smartphone. Without a set time, the store’s servers may have some problems during the syncing process. The store won’t connect with your device and there is a chance this will lead to an error.

If your Google Play Store is not working, setting the date and time may help. Here is how you can do it:

  • go to Settings
  • look under System
  • tap Date and Time
  • check if your device is set on the Automatic date and time
  • enable Automatic date and time if it is not already on

If Automatic date and time is already toggled on, but Google Play store is still unavailable, you can also try to set the date and time manually. Turn off Automatic date and time and enter the date and time yourself.

Take a look at your Internet connection

This may sound silly, but it can help you to solve your problems. One easy trick is switching from Wi-Fi to mobile data. This can get rid of the issue in some cases.

Check is Download Manager is disabled

If the Download Manager is not enabled, Play Store won’t be able to let you download anything. Here’s how to enable it:

  • go to Settings
  • tap Apps
  • find Download manager
  • check if it is disabled, in case it is simply tap the “Enable” button.

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