Adobe Flash Player update

Not all people are ready to say goodbye to Adobe Flash Player. So, Adobe never failed expectations from its users by releasing new versions periodically. Most of the time, updates are intended for fixing bugs, while some are critical in nature.

The importance of updating a browser is intended to address issues regarding Flash Player updates. However, the common way of forcing the Chrome browser to update may not be that positive if you want to update Flash Player on your browser.

You may force Chrome to update its Flash Player by putting a certain link on the browser address bar. Simply enter chrome://components to the address bar and look for Adobe Flash Player from the list. But just ignore the status. Take note that if you have version, you need to upgrade your version right away.

You have to click on the Check for Update button and the update follows in a flash. The status would state that the component is downloading, then it is ready for update, and then component is already updated. Remember that this method wouldn’t be applicable to outdated versions of Chrome.

Computers running Windows XP might have difficulty updating Chrome, which would also be difficult for Flash Player to update. Those running Chrome OS 55.0.2883.105 might also notice that Flash Player might be a bit outdated, but would still indicate that it is up-to-date. Perhaps this requires special attention.

In the coming years, Adobe Flash Player will no longer be supported in a number of platforms. As a matter of fact, Adobe would phase out Flash Player by 2020. This is due to the vulnerability of Flash Player to certain third-party attacks and malware infection. Thus, users are advised to update their apps to the latest version to avoid these vulnerabilities.

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