Chrome plugins

Crashing issues have plagued Chrome users due to outdated Shockwave Flash or Flash Player. The most effective solution for this is to ensure you are running the latest version of Chrome.

Adobe Flash Player has been turned off by default in Chrome browsers. But you can turn it back on when there are no alternatives to Flash. Likewise, you can manually disable the plugin if necessary.

The plugin is able to support a number of popular browsers, including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, and Google Chrome. However, when it is disabled by default, users will be asked for permission to activate it.

Google released a statement regarding the advantages of HTML5. For instance, it is a lot faster and lighter, so users are motivated to switch over in order to speed up the loading of the page, which saves you more battery life in return.

The crashing issues can be resolved though by installing the latest update to Chrome. Since this browser has its own version of Flash built in, this would also be updated once the latest version of Chrome is installed.

It was not so long ago that the solution to such issues was to disable any extra Flash plugins. The recent version of Chrome only shows a single Flash plugin. Thus, Adobe quickly referred to the outdated versions of Chrome to be the culprit in spreading bugs. Accordingly, this has affected the performance of Flash significantly. However, this issue was given proper attention and was fixed, as Adobe stressed it out.

If Flash still crashes, you can disable all extensions from Chrome. This is because even some unrelated extensions cause Flash Player to crash. Additionally, you can check if this has resulted from outdated drivers. So, try to check if your drivers are updated. Otherwise, you can try to use another browser to view the content without experiencing frequent crashes.

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