Google Earth Pro

Google Earth Pro was available for download with a fee to cover one year. In fact, users were required to pay $399 to be able to download and install the pro version of Google Earth.

Fortunately, there was a free key provided to any user who wanted to try the app out. In 2015, the free key would allow users to check out Google Earth Pro without paying the premium fee. However, with issues that plagued the users, Google Earth Pro was left behind.

Today, it is possible to install Google Earth Pro on your device simply by visiting the link It has always been challenging to explore the globe until Google Earth came to be. Users are able to fly on top of satellite-mapped grounds.

Just download the app from the official website with the link provided earlier. This will enable you to download the app on your desktop computer. Just click the sign-up page in which you are not required to sign up anymore.

You must agree to the terms and conditions before you are able to download. You need to use your email address for the username and type GEPFREE for the license key. You can enable automatic login to skip this step every time you login to your Google Earth Pro account.

The latest version available for download is This version has been released to address bugs. With this release, Windows users are able to get a fix mechanism to detect incompatible graphics cards. For example, the black globe issue can be resolved by switching over to DirectX.

Take note that Google Earth Pro has been released with several features not found in the free version. If you choose the upgraded version, you can access more advanced tools for your personal or business needs.

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