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Facebook Beta Update Download Available Soon


It’s always fun to be a part of the community and wait alongside your fellow Facebook users for the newest update to your favorite service. However, for some, the wait is unbearable and they are having real trouble keeping their excitement under wraps. If you classify as one of these eager Facebook users, you should know that you can actually get ahead of the line, so to speak, and download the Beta version of the application.

Be warned

When Facebook releases a new version for its mobile app, it is tested and approved beforehand. That means that the bug and issue counter is always pretty low as Facebook tries to keep these issues to a minimum.

With the Beta version however, you are going to be exposed to a much rawer Facebook experience as you would be using a build of the application that hasn’t been properly tested yet. To this extent, it is recommended to only venture onward if you are willing to deal with a couple of stressing concerns such as unexpected bugs and things of that sort.

The benefits of using the Beta version

If you are wondering why you should try the Beta version at all, it’s very simple. If you’re the kind of person that likes getting things ahead of their friends you can download the Facebook Beta build for the app and get a taste of the latest Facebook experience before anyone in your friend group.

With the Beta build, you are getting access to currently unreleased content which is still to be tested out by volunteers like you. This brings us to the second point of interest for the Beta build which is the fact that you get to be a helping part of the creative process.

Testing the Beta version and submitting your feedback helps Facebook better understand what their app is missing and what people want the company to preserve. So if you’ve decided to get the Beta version, congrats, you’re officially a part of the Facebook app team.

How much time?

So what does Beta mean and how much time to Beta testers get to be ahead of the curve before everyone gets access to the build? Well, since anyone can become a Beta tester, the build is made available to everyone when it comes out.

But as far as how much it takes before it goes live, usually a new Beta build is released shortly after the last one hit live. This means that if you join at the start of a new cycle, you will have a pretty long time to play around with the new build before anyone on the live version can get that opportunity.