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Best Free Games Download Available Now From Google Play Store


Smartphones are not only used for connecting with other people, but also for entertainment. Many spend their time on their phone while getting back home from work, during a long journey or when they are bored. All smartphones use operating systems which support different types of platforms from where apps and games can be downloaded. Apple uses App Store and Android uses Google Play. Some apps and games are free while some have a price. Google Play Store is now offering 24 paid apps and games for free in a special offer. Check out the offer below:

General Apps free of cost:

Some of the apps that can now be downloaded for free for a limited amount of time are: Weather Live, Maze 3D: Gravity Labyrinth, Looking Back: Time Tracker: Time Saver, nBubble Pro (only free for 4 days), Meteogram Pro Weather and Tide Charts, Voice Recorder Pro.

Games for free with Google Play Store

These fun games can be downloaded for free and make your subway ride experience more enjoyable: Behind the Door (only for 4 days), Custodians of Space (4 days only), Draw online: Battle of painter (4 days only), Bubble Bubble Bremens (only for 2 days). Some of these gamesmight have been on your to-download list and now you get the change of doing so for free is you have a smartphone or tablet using Android OS.

Customization Apps free of cost

Some of these apps are interesting and very popular: Color Gloss (1 day), UX Experience S8 Icon Pack (1 day only), Black Sun Watch Face (for 2 days only), Rassy UX Icon Pack (only for 2 days), Graby Icon Pack (2 days only), Mellow Dark Icon Pack ( 2 days period), Vion Icon Pack (2 days only), Planet X 3D (Live Wallpaper) (only for 4 days) etc.