“A new way to meet up”, this is how Facebook describes the upcoming feature that will allow users to connect with their friends if they want to meet up. It is unclear when Facebook will roll out this new feature, but apparently, some users are already able to test it. It is most likely that it is in beta, so we will have to wait until it gets to us. Until then, let’s see what we already know about it.

Facebook wants to start connecting people in real life as well

Facebook is already one of the most popular social networking sites and one of the reasons for that is its constant improvement. Now, Facebook is ready to take it one step further.

Recently, some users received a notification announcing them that a number of friends “may want to meet up with you this week.” Opening the notification opened a new page where the user was asked the following question: “Want to meet up with [name] this week?” Under the question, there was the profile picture of that friend. There were two options: “No thanks” or “Yes”. Your answer was private unless the other friend was also willing to meet up with you. If you both said Yes, Facebook will announce you.

This new feature is clearly inspired by Tinder

This system is very similar with Tinder’s swapping. And this update comes soon after Facebook added Stories which were originally a Snapchat feature. It is interesting to see how Facebook “steals” popular features from other apps and we can assume that it wants to become a complete social media site, which has everything you need so that you do not need to use any other app.

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