The newest Minecraft Update – Better Together brings a great feature to the game. Coordinates are being added and even though it doesn’t sound like a big deal, it actually is.

Why Are Coordinates so Important?

It will be easier to travel in the Minecraft worlds, and you’ll be able to find different places easier by keeping in mind the coordinates and so on. The PC version is able to get coordinates with the help of Debug screen but mobile version cannot support it.

With the Better Together Update users will be able to easier find their favorite locations. Players will be able to build towns, cities, castles and amazing buildings and these will now have a permanent location through the existence of coordinates.

The update will launch this feature but it will mess with the achievements because the developers haven’t yet found a way to fix it and the game considers it a cheat for now. The developers are working on this issue but the fix will appear later in another future update.

Coordinates will bring friends together in Minecraft worlds and let’s face it, this is a feature which should have been integrated from the beginning of the game, as many other Minecraft clones already have it.

Other Features in the Better Together Update

The main feature this update focuses on is cross platform play between different OS devices: Android/iOS, Windows 10, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

In-game additions will range from adding blocks, items such as book and quill, music disc, armor stand and more, parrot mobs, to ravines and more.

You can use split-screen mode and include a bonus chest or a starting map when you create a world.

The Better Together Update doesn’t have a launch date but we’re sure that it’s getting closer and closer since beta testing began on 31 July, this year.

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