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WhatsApp Video Call Update Download Available with Picture-In-Picture Feature


WhatsApp has currently over 1.3 billion monthly active users and this makes it one of the most popular mobile messaging applications all over the world. Well, since the application got so popular, the developers have to constantly upgrade it to make it run without any problems.

The developers have released a new WhatsApp STABLE version that comes with a few changes. First of all, users are now able to enjoy the PiP Video Calling feature and have text-only Status messages.

We remind you that the Status messages feature was updated a few weeks ago and it has disappointed many users. That’s because the users were not able to write texts on this feature anymore. Instead, they were able to just upload photos or videos on it. Well, we have some good news, as from now on, you are able to write (once again) text messages also, which will surely please many of you.

The new WhatsApp picture-in-picture mode is a feature that’s available only on Android Oreo OS. So, if you have this operating system installed on your mobile handset, just get the latest WhatsApp STABLE version and you will be able to use the new feature.

The PiP (picture-in-picutre) mode is allowing you to continue the video call with a person, while making it run in a small window even if the main application is minimized. This means that while talking with someone on WhatsApp Video Call, you will be able to write messages on Facebook Messenger and still look at the person with whom you’re talking with on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp: How To Install The Latest Stable Version On Your Android Device

  • Open the Google Play Store on your Android device;
  • Search for WhatsApp;
  • Tap “INSTALL” or “UPDATE” button;
  • Wait for the installation to complete;
  • Use your mobile phone number to get verified and log into your WhatsApp account.