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Google Earth Update Download Available with New Features for iOS


Google has released a new update for its Google Earth app for iOS. This new update includes features such as an improved UI (left hand panel to make enabling different info layers easier); Google Map Street View and improved directions and search.

New features for iOS Google Earth

Published on iTunes, Google Earth’s update includes the addition of Google Maps Street View. This feature allows iOS users to explore world landmarks, admire natural wonders or virtually visit restaurants, museums or other places. In order to see Street View photos, it is necessary to search for a place or address you are interested in, and then drag Pegman to a place on the map.

Another important option found with Google Maps Street View is the fact that those who are nostalgic can go back in time to admire their favorite neighborhoods. The Street View archives allow those interested to see how a place has changed over time. To benefit from this option simply drag Pegman onto the map, click the option Time and use the slider to go further back in time. So far not all addresses have historic imagery, but important places do.

Users can move around using the cursor, which will become an arrow pin-pointing the direction towards which you are moving. With the new update for iOS, users can not benefit from improved directions/search feature. They can visualize transit, bike, and walk or drive in 3D.

The app also has an improved interface, easy to browse and a new left hand panel.

Google Earth is the perfect app for teachers, student or travelers. Users can travel the world from the comfort of their house. It is also very easy to use in traffic since it offers interactive maps and directions.