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Adobe Flash Player Free Download Issues Resolved For Windows 8


A number of complaints have been articulated by users regarding the installation of Adobe Flash Player on Windows 8 and 10. When downloading in Chrome browser, the download gets blocked. When using the Firefox browser, it would state successful download, but nothing happens when executing the file.

Even as they would run the file with administrator privileges, still nothing happens. Moreover, the security changes within Windows 8 and 10 seem not taking effect with the said complaints. Thus, users are concerned that Adobe Flash Player might be conflicting with the current operating system.

The trouble of downloading Adobe Flash Player from Chrome might be due to conflicting issues. This is because Flash Player is naturally embedded in Chrome browser. Thus, all updates for Flash Player are done via Google, which is part of the updates in Chrome.

Windows 8 and newer operating systems come with Flash Player for Edge and IE. Such updates are initiated by Microsoft, which is part of the updates to Windows. This might be the reason why users are having trouble downloading the same.

For users of Mozilla Firefox browser, if you download the .exe file, it is required that you run it using the Administrator account. All you need to do is to click on the file and select run as administrator. It would also be helpful to collect some Adobe admin logs in order to determine the issues causing this.

If you want to update Adobe Flash Player in Chrome, it is advisable that you update the browser instead. This is because Chrome comes embedded with Flash Player, which you can enable or disable on demand. Some websites require Flash Player to play video or display photo slides.

If crashing issues occur often, you simply have to update Adobe Flash Player from the official website only. Thus, you can download and install the latest version of Flash Player without any conflict.