Blob emojis are that kind of thing that you ever love or hate. Although we all thought that Android users unanimously disliked blob emoji, now that Google is removing them with Android Oreo it seems that a lot of people actually love them. So if you still want to use them in your messages, here is how to do that. Today we will show you how to install blob emoji on WhatsApp and Telegram using Substratum and a compatible theme.


In order to install blob emoji on WhatsAppv you will need Substratum and WA Emoji Changer. After getting these, open the Substratum app, then find the WA Emoji Changer theme pack. Check the box that spells WhatsApp next to it and install one of the following five emoji packs:

  • HTC10
  • Twitter
  • GoogleNougat
  • EmojiOne
  • AndroidO

These are all just variations on the blob emoji, so choose the one you think looks best. The one that we think is the true blob emoji one is GoogleNougat, but the choice is all yours here.


Unlike with WhatsApp, there is no one dedicated theme in Substratum for Telegram. The best one we’ve found so far is Sai’s Fresh theme. This one offers just four emoji packs that are variations of the blob:

  • Twemoji
  • Blobs
  • EmojiOne
  • O Emoji

The steps that you need to follow for Telegram are just the same as on WhatsApp, more or less at least. The reason for which there isn’t a theme dedicated to emojis for Telegram is that Telegram is not as popular as WhatsApp according to the latest market surveys. Still, there are a lot of users on Telegram as well, so it is good that Sai’s Fresh Theme exists for them to enjoy blob emojis on Telegram.

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