We have some good news for the Minecraft players as according to the latest rumors the “Better Together Update” is finally going to bring coordinates to the game.

For some of you this addition might not seem too good, but it will surely matter a lot for anyone that spends many hours in this game. Coordinates will make the vast worlds of Minecraft to be much more “manageable” than before.

This will surely be enjoyed by any player who likes to travel far from the original spawn point. The map comes with three coordinates that allow you to find any spot on the map very easy. Keep in mind that the Java version (the PC version) of the game is already allowing you to check your coordinates via the debug screen.

Unfortunately, this option is not found in the mobile version of the Minecraft game. There were some add-ons that allowed you to see your coordinates in the past, but thanks to the new addition that Better Together will come with, you will be able to move around the map at an exact location.

The new coordinates feature will pretty much mess with the achievements, as it will be considered cheating by teleporting around to unlock a specific achievement. However, the developers are currently working on a better and permanent solution that won’t disable achievements.

It will be very nice to have coordinates easily accessible, especially when you are using a server where you want to meet up with some friends. Unfortunately, it is not sure yet when the update will be released, but we hope that it will not take too much for the developers to launch it.

On what platform are you playing Minecraft? Will you enjoy the coordinates feature once it will be released to this game?

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